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today black ministers from around the country are coming to d.c. to voice their report for same-sex marriage in maryland. written by reverend donald coates in maryland. these pastors say they want the public to know that not all clergy are opposed to marriage
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equality. they also want to rewrite the amendment that lets pastors choose whether they want to marry a same-sex couple. placing their bets on the other big issue on maryland's ballot, expanded gambling. ike leggett of montgomery county, and ken allman gathered to show their support for section 7. it would add thousands of dollars and $200 million for education. and those who oppose it aren't concerned about maryland residents. >> make no mistake, this is about maryland versus west virginia. >> frankly, i didn't like the fact that an out of state interest is putting $5.5 million into a campaign to tell marylanders how they should vote. >> that out of state interest is penational, which owns a race way and casino in charlestown, virginia.
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they sa maryland is addressing the problems with addiction. the university of maryland said they received a $5 million grant from the state to correstart a problem gambling center. the center will be the first of its kind in the state. tim kaine and george allen will detail how they plan on saving as many as 200,000 jobs in virginia. the senate candidates squared off yesterday in a debate you saw live on nbc 4, kaine, a democrat, and allen, a republican, squared off over defense cuts that will automatically take place if congress can't cut a deal on the budget by the end of the year. those cuts could have a huge impact on defense contractors in northern virginia. >> what we need to do in my view is repeal and replace obama
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care. that will save over $1 trillion in spending. that's harmful for business. i think we ought to cut out and look at places where there's redundancy in government. the government accountability office has put that forward. i think we ought to embrace the ideas that will come from federal government employees and reward them with bonuses for cost-saving ideas. the long-term solution is not these band-aids, but the budget amendment. >> let's do three things. george allen voted for tax cuts when he was senator, and he voted for them to be temporary, for the reason was, if you made them permanent, you'd bust the deficit. it's time to let the tax cuts expire for those who make more than $500,000. if the tax cuts go back to where they were before, we were in the longest economic expansion in the united states. that will produce $500 billion in revenue. fix medicare. allow for negotiation for prescription drug prices, something that george voted against when he was in the senate. that will save $240 billion over ten years. and finally, take away subsidies from the big five oil companies.
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they're incredibly profitable. that's great. they don't need our help. that will save $24 billion over ten years. >> kaine leads allen in several polls. they will square off in two more debates before election day. if you missed yesterday's debate, you can see it again on sunday at 12:00 noon on nbc 4. this morning all the troops from the surge in afghanistan are now out of the country. u.s. officials say all 33,000 troops left the war zone almost two years after president obama ordered them in to fight the escalating taliban violence. 68,000 american troops are still stationed in afghanistan. they will remain in the war zone until 2014, when the rest of the troops will withdraw from the country. just two years after some serious blunders, a new report is praising the management at arlington national cemetery. the report by the pentagon's inspector general says the cemetery has been transformed into a premiere institution. it says progress has been made in identifying and verifying the names of more than 400,000
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buried there, and it praised the use of geo spatial technology to track cemetery operations. congress ordered the cemetery be audited in 2010 after reports of misplaced remains. the family of a young mother murdered in prince george's county is now speaking out. a candlelight vigil was held for brittany mckinley. the 24-year-old was shot sunday morning. police say her ex-boyfriend michael stewart was responsible. >> what possible in the world could a female do that bad that you got to shoot her? >> brittany's mother says she's trying to stay strong for her daughter's son. an emotional homecoming after a virginia man returns home after being cleared from a crime he says he didn't commit. the 22-year-old reunited with his family yesterday after spending a year in jail. he was convicted of robbing someone in 2009. he denies that crime, and lawyers from the innocence project proved that alibi and
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that prosecutors withheld information about the incident. he says he's not upset. he's just glad to be home. >> i've always kept my head up, and i said to myself, i'm going to to prison. this was meant to happen for me. i accepted it. i took it. and i'm moving forward past that. i'm ready for the next chapter of my life, and i'm going to make it a good one. >> the overturned decision came just in time for conconte, who a legal immigrant from sierra leone. he was just days away from being deported. he says he hopes to continue his education and go to college. a crash course in what the new beltway silver lanes and metro express line will mean for your commute. they're holding a seminar called keep tysons moving. the 495 express lanes are scheduled to open later this year, and the first phase of metro's silver line is set to hope next year. keep tysons moving will begin at
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7:30 this morning and go until 10:00. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is with us this morning. maybe a little jacket before folks head out there today. >> a little wrap first thing this morning. nothing major. it's not all that cold outside. >> i need to get one of those apparently. >> she's got a wrap. >> very handy. temperatures are going to be warming well up into the 70s and 80s by later on this afternoon. as you mentioned, a little bit of a chill outside first thing this morning for you morning joggers and bike riders and dog walkers. it's a beautiful day to get your friday started. still a mostly clear sky hangs overhead. temperature at national airport still 61 degrees. winds are light out of the southeast. and these winds are going to stay light out of the south this afternoon. we'll call it 5 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures low to mid-50s in the western suburbs to around-on-. there's nothing going to show up
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on radar for today. today will be 100% dry across the area. that is welcome news. if you're traveling to new york and new england, showers up there. our next chance for rain is still building across parts of the upper midwest. when that next cold front arrives here tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, there will be a slight risk for strong to severe thunderstorms for your saturday. just sort of keep that in the back of your mind as you're planning out your saturday. have some backup plans ready for the afternoon and evening time frame. will be a risk of stronger storms. high pressure moves offshore. sunny and beautiful for friday. here comes the weather front right on through here tomorrow. 5:00 in the afternoon. that seems to be the peak of the showers and storms coming out of here by midnight tonight. setting us up for a beautiful, sunny, and cooler day coming up on sunday. for today, no complaints. sunny and gorgeous. highs today mid-70s in the high spots to low 80s downtown. perfect weather, 75 at kickoff, 75 by game's end. here's the all important seven-day forecast.
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82 today. 86 degrees tomorrow. warm with a hint of summerlike humidity as we get ready to ring in the autumn season. noticeably cooler with a high of 71. and that sticks around to the early part of next week. that's a look at the weather. let's go over to first 4 traffic with danella. checking on the roadways. if you're traveling on i-270, we'll travel up together. we're not seeing any issues for you, nice and clear. passing urbana in both directions, northbound and southbound. i'll give you a look at clarksburg, very light volume. pretty much clear all the way between frederick and the beltway. let's take a look at the beltway and check travel speeds for you. traveling on the inner loop of the beltway between i-270 and i-95, you're at 61 miles an hour. good news on the inner loop at colesville road, that work zone area is complete. 4:54. metro track work eases up slightly this weekend with work on just two lines. on the red, buses will replace
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trains between grosvenor and friendship heights. and single tracking on the orange line between east falls church and alston. work should be done by monday morning. time is 4:55. up, the specip
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welcome back. today the shuttle "endeavour"
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will finally arrive in los angeles. the shuttle will take off this morning from edwards air force base in california. "endeavour" is strapped to a boeing 747. it began its cross country trip on wednesday when it took off from the kennedy space center in florida. it's offered great photo-ops from millions of people from louisiana to mexico. it flew over tucson, arizona, where former congressman gabrielle giffords and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, watched in awe. >> it was emotional. i flew "endeavour" on my last flight. she was still in the hospital when we launched, and when we landed, she was recovering from her last surgery, which was to replace the piece of skull that was removed the day she was shot. >> "endeavour" will eventually go on display to the public at the california science museum. nuclear officials are looking into what caused a shutdown at three mile island in pennsylvania. the plant was running at full capacity when a mechanism triggered an automatic shutdown yesterday afternoon. officials say the plant did release radiation but that it
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was such a small amount that it is not measurable. the plant was not evacuated, and there's no potential impact on people living in that area. this weekend, some of the brightest minds in the country will get together to try to find solutions to america's education system. it is part of the third annual education nation summit, which will take place at new york's public library. lead erers in business and philanthropy, will work to change education for students. for more information, you can head to >> always an interesting event, trying to get ideas to improve the school system for the kids. >> and this year they're going to do a student town hall, which is different than they did last year with teachers. it's to get ideas from the students about what they feel is important. always a great conversation. something that spurs results. >> such a critical issue in this country. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.

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